Olive Oil Skin Care - The natural beauty solution for dry skin.





Olive Oil Skin Care

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esan Olive Oil  skin care nourishes and protects dry skin with a high concentration of antioxidant rich olive oil and extra virgin olive oil to tone and repair skin while relieving dryness.







Olive Oil Body Butter

Our soft, creamy olive oil body butter is made with an abundance of extra virgin olive oil.  This nourishing oil contains antioxidant vitamins A and E, essential fatty acids and other key nutrients that absorb deeply into skin to soften and smooth. Extra virgin olive oil gives this olive body butter a luxurious satiny texture that melts into skin and absorbs quickly to restore youthful texture and healthy radiance.

esan extra virgin Olive Oil Body Butter replenishes moisture and helps to repair damage caused by dryness for skin that looks noticeably smoother and more youthful. It melts into skin and only a small amount is needed for optimal benefits.  Our Olive Oil Body Butter is a total body moisturizer that can be used from "head to toe" to moisturize, condition and eliminate dryness. 

You can also use
esan Olive Oil Body Butter to add healthy gloss and shine to dry hair. Place a tiny amount into palms to warm and liquify, and apply to hair. This moisturizing treatment gives hair a glossy shine and helps to prevent dryness and split ends. 

esan Olive Oil Body Butter is softly scented with pure essential oils or premium aromatic perfume oils.  Also available unscented. 

For sensitive skin and baby skin care our unscented Olive Oil Body Butter soothes and protects with all natural ingredients. 

*The extra virgin olive oil in our Body Butter has soft fruity notes that create a pleasant natural fragrance in the unscented body butter that disappears almost immediately after application. The olive oil scent is so light that it does not interfere with the fragrance of our scented olive oil body butters.

esan Olive Oil Body Butter is Paraben Free. Vegetarian.


Olive Oil Body Butter - Unscented

Olive Oil Body Butter - Peaceful

Olive Oil Body Butter - Ginger Tea

  Olive Oil Body Butter - Unscented: $12.00

  Olive Oil Body Butter - Peaceful $12.50

    Olive Oil Body Butter - Ginger Tea: $12.50

Olive Oil Body Butter - Honey


      Olive Oil Body Butter - Honey: $12.50