Olive Oil LIp Balm





Olive Oil Lip Balm

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Olive Oil Lip Balm

esan Olive Oil Lip Balm is an intensive moisture treatment for lips.  This wholesome all natural balm provides extra rich moisture from pure extra virgin olive oil, an antioxidant rich source of vitamins A and E.   Extra virgin olive oil is a powerful skin soothing oil, excellent for extra dry skin and sensitive skin.  Our olive lip balm offers all the healing and protective benefits of this nourishing oil to deeply moisturize lips, preventing dryness and chapping to keep lips feeling smooth soft and comfortable.  

Our soothing lip balm makes your lips feel so soft and wonderful you will be tempted to share it with everyone you love.....  But make them buy their own.   

Why esan Olive Oil Lip Balm Works So Well

Our Olive Lip Balm is a pure wholesome balm made with an abundance of premium extra virgin olive oil.  This nutrient rich oil absorbs easily into lips to deeply moisturize.  Pure natural beeswax provides an  effective moisture shield to protect and prevent lips from becoming dry and chapped.  

Petroleum based lip balm (also known as petroleum jelly) is not absorbed by the skin.  Instead, it remains on top, coating the lips.  Petroleum jelly traps moisture on the surface of the lips, causing them to feel less dry for a short time.  However, as moisture evaporates, lips feel dry and chapped again.  Our Olive Oil Lip Balm keeps lips feeling moisturized and soft, preventing dryness that leads to chapping and irritation.  

Olive Oil Lip Balm: $4.50