Olive Oil Cream - Nutrient Rich Moisture for Dry Skin





Olive Body Cream 

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Olive Body Cream

Our fragrant Olive Body Cream is a luxurious treat for dry skin!  Rich and thick, with the texture of buttercream frosting, this nourishing moisturizer is made with an abundance of premium extra virgin olive oil.  Scented with a blend of pure essential oils or softly fragrant perfume oils, these body creams absorb quickly with no oily residue for skin that looks and feels soft, smooth and radiant for hours. 

Dry skin needs hydrating moisture infused with cellular nutrients for repair and renewal.  Our Olive Body Cream deeply moisturizes with the finest natural botanical ingredients including extra virgin olive oil and organic floral essences to nourish skin and promote rejuvenation.

The ingredients in esan Olive Body Cream helps to increase skin elasticity while eliminating dryness.  It absorbs deeply to promote smooth texture and youthful radiance.   

Excellent for dry skin, sensitive skin and mature skin types.

esan Olive Body Cream is Paraben Free, Vegan.

Olive Body Cream - Peaceful

Olive Body Cream - Jasmine

Olive Body Cream - Honey

Olive Body Cream - Peaceful: $12.00

Olive Body Cream - Jasmine: $12.00

Olive Body Cream - Honey: $12.00 

Olive Body Cream - Sea Mist Olive Body Cream - Chocolat  

Olive Body Cream - Sea Mist: $12.00

  Olive Body Cream - Chocolat: $12.00