Aromatic Bath Salts





Aromatic Bath Salts 

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Aromatic Bath Salts

Our Sea Mineral Bath Salts promote gentle relaxation and peaceful stress relief while softening and hydrating skin.  These aromatic bath salts create a luxurious aromatherapy spa experience as you soak away stress, fatigue and tension.

esan Bath Salts are made with mineral rich sea salt, epsom salt and bicarbonate of soda.  This spa therapy blend helps to relax and draw toxins from the muscles to help relieve stress and muscle aches from overexertion and fatigue.

To achieve the maximum benefits from this relaxing spa soak, pour the salts into the bottom of the tub as it fills to allow the salts to dissolve properly.  Placing the salts in the bottom of the tub as it fills also releases the fragrance of the oils into the air to enhance the relaxation and sensory benefits of this aromatherapy spa bath. 

 Honey Bath Salts: $15.00

    Peaceful Bath Salts: $15.00 

Ginger Tea Bath Salts:$15.00


Sea Mist Bath Salts: $15.00