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 Olive Oil Skin Care

Welcome to esan.  Our olive oil skin care products  are specially formulated to hydrate, balance and restore radiance to dry skin.  Made with an abundance of pure olive oil, essential oils and organic herbs, our extra virgin olive oil lotion, olive oil body butter,  olive oil soap, olive oil scrub and olive body balms solve dry skin problems with the soothing restorative benefits of wholesome olive oil and natural botanicals.  

esan olive oil skin care provides the health and beauty benefits of premium extra virgin olive oil without the characteristic olive oil scent. 

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Olive Oil Skin Care: Beauty Benefits of Olive Oil

esan olive oil skin care products are made with an abundance of pure extra virgin olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is one of nature's best beauty secrets. This nutrient rich oil is a superb hypoallergenic moisturizer all by itself. Extra virgin olive oil is obtained from the first press of olives during oil production and contains powerful antioxidants including vitamins A and E that repair and renew skin that is dry or damaged from environmental hazards such as air pollution, overexposure to sun, and nutrient deficient foods. These antioxidants have the ability to deeply nourish skin cells to repair and prevent damage and return skin to a smoother, firmer, healthier state.

The texture of extra virgin olive oil (1st press) is slightly thicker and more dense than the common version of olive oil (the 2nd press).  While "pure" (2nd press) olive oil is very good, it does not contain the same high level of antioxidant nutrients and moisturizing benefits of premium extra virgin olive oil. Premium extra virgin olive oil is the primary ingredient in esan Olive Oil Skin Care.  Our extra virgin olive oil lotions, body butters, scrubs, lip balm and face cream revitalizes skin and renews natural moisture balance for skin that radiates the glow of natural beauty.

A daily beauty regimen which includes olive oil skin care for the body and face provides skin with a foundation for healthier, younger looking skin. Extra virgin olive oil, one of the 1st antiaging skin care products continues to be included with the finest in antiaging skin care. esan combines the antioxidant nutrients of extra virgin olive oil with the with the powerful rejuvenating and antiaging benefits of organic herbal infusions, extracts and essential oils to create premium natural olive oil skin care products that offer superior moisturizing, rejuvenating and antiaging results.

With daily use of esan Olive Oil Skin Care products skin looks smoother, softer and more radiant with a noticeable reduction in dryness, fine line and wrinkles.

                         Olive Oil Lotion - With Extra Virgin Olive Oil              Extra Virgin Olive Oil Lotion

Our extra virgin olive oil lotion has natural antioxidant properties that protect skin against the damaging effects of free radicals that contribute to aging skin.  This nourishing olive oil moisturizer improves skin's suppleness and elasticity.  It sinks into skin to hydrate and protect, assisting the process of regeneration and repair to make skin appear softer, smoother and younger looking.

esan Olive Oil Body Lotion is a premium quality extra virgin olive oil lotion, made with an abundance of extra virgin olive oil, emollient soybean oil and skin soothing organic calendula.  It absorbs easily into skin to eliminate dryness and seal in moisture, leaving skin velvety soft and smooth.   

Olive oil skin care with pure extra virgin olive oil helps to improve skin suppleness and elasticity, while moisturizing to make skin appear softer, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.  One of the primary beauty benefits of extra virgin olive oil is its light texture which allows it to be absorbed easily into skin, to combat dryness and seal in moisture. Extra virgin Olive Oil Skin Care products are an excellent choice for soothing and protecting dry skin, sensitive skin and for baby skin care.

As an ingredient in skin care products, extra virgin olive oil benefits all skin types and is a nourishing addition to soothing and protective moisturizers, non-drying soaps, and natural beauty treatments. 

Olive Body Oil

Olive Body Oil - Rich Moisture for Dry SkinOur Olive Body Oil is a luxurious treatment for dry skin.  This nutrient rich moisturizer is blended with an abundance of premium extra virgin olive oil enriched with avocado and shea oils.  Packed with skin revitalizing vitamins A and E and powerful antioxidants this deeply moisturizing oil protects skin against the damaging effects of dryness, stress and the aging process.  It is non-greasy and absorbs quickly.  Just a small amount of Olive Body Oil applied after bath or shower moisturizes and conditions for skin that looks and feels smooth, soft and radiant.   




Olive Oil Skin Care - Olive Squalane Serum Squalane: Revitalizing Facial Serum

Squalane Revitalizing Facial Serum is a fast absorbing deeply penetrating natural moisturizer derived from olives. This powerful botanical serum is also known as "Nature's Facelift in a Bottle" because of its anti-aging properties.  Squalane is ultra lightweight and restores skin elasticity as it rehydrates dry skin and smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. It also works wonders as a nutrient rich eye serum as it lifts and tones, reducing wrinkling and improving the appearance of the eyelids.

A few drops of this revitalizing essence applied daily smoothes, tones and restores youthful softness to mature skin. 

For skin that lacks radiance and healthy vitality and to smooth fine lines and wrinkles Squalane Revitalizing Facial Serum is a must have product for your daily skin care regimen. 



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esan olive oil skin care products are cruelty free, vegetarian, and contain no parabens, petroleum, or mineral oil. 



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Our handmade Olive Oil Soaps cleanse dry and sensitive skin with  creamy moisture rich lather.

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Our Organic Olive Oil Bath & Shower Nectars are ultra mild and non-drying to  gently cleanse dry and sensitive skin. 


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